Kate Emmerson

Inspirational Speaker

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Kate Emmerson  - THE QUICK SHIFT DEVA is known for her “KickassKate” style of facing life head on as she delights and inspires audiences as a speaker and MC to let go of all those things that no longer serve you, be it physical clutter, emotional baggage or toxins at a body level. As a clutter expert and well-known professional lifestyle coach for the past 10 years she shares practical life changing insights and tools with her audiences, from Women’s groups, support staff to senior management, CEO’s and CFO’s. She enlivens you to think big, be prepared to LIVE LIGHT so you can LIVE LARGE and reminds you that everyone can deal with whatever life throws your way. Her boundless energy, ideas and inspiration translate into helping thousands of women to re-evaluate their lives and make inspired choices to achieve juicy goals.

Kate is a true professional calling on her energy and heart to connect and interact with the audience whilst ensuring you have time to reflect. The advantage of her experience with clients facilitates great question and answer sessions to connect with the audience at a more personal level, and no question is EVER out of bounds. Kate shares freely as she uses her own life, her wild laugh and her lessons to share her humanity with you.

She draws on her vast experience and colourful life – her most recent achievement having published her book “Clear your Clutter” in 2013. She is a well-known speaker for women’s groups, a published writer and has appeared as an expert in virtually every magazine in SA. She is currently in negotiations for a TV show.

Kate expertly angles the topic of clutter and how it leaches energy from your ability to focus, thus draining your productivity. Using engaging statistics and practical exercises, she will have you seriously thinking about easy to implement solutions to increase your productivity and stop mucking about.

 Kate's topics include:

  • Who Killed Common Sense - time and space management for corporates
  • Wanna Live your vivacious life? - Be BRUTAL with your clutter
  • Live light, live large – A wake up call about why you should Spring Clean Your Life
  • Efficient is so last season – time management for life
  • Know your Signature Self – living authentically with courage and self awareness to Step Up
  • Confidence myth busters! - How to ignite your life
  • Summer Survival Toolkit
  • When the Rabbits Stomp – her personal inspirational story of loss and burnout

Kate was awarded the Woman's Woman Feather Award in 2008 for her contribution in transforming women's lives in South Africa.

She was also a finalist In the Lady Rocci Woman of the Year  2012.