Jacques van der Merwe


Key industries: Entrepreneurs icon

From living on a park bench in Johannesburg, to doing door-to-door sales in Eldorado Park, Soweto Lenasia and Actonville, to becoming the youngest ever valve importer in South Africa, to commanding the lion’s share of the waterworks market in Southern Africa.

From having his flat repossessed by the bank, to becoming a successful property speculator to seeing most of it vanish during the economic downturn, Jacques has been there, done that, got the T-shirt and more!

From epic failures in some of his business ventures, to achieving greatness in others, Jacques has been able to change the way that entire industries do business.

From being a nobody to being someone that the newspapers are writing articles about, having only matric to completing an MBA via distance learning, his story of failure, tears, perseverance and ultimately achieving success, will inspire you.

And yet, somehow, he has managed to pull through all of this, emerging on the other side, more successful, more motivated, more determined to inspire people to never give up, to never stop trying, to never stop believing, and above all...never to stop learning!

Having gone through what most people go through today, he shares some unique perspectives and sometimes non-conformist views on life, relationships, work and play.

Being a staunch believer of doing the right thing, he guides his audience to willingly examine their own roots, their reasons for living and how they could improve it all.

From being a procrastinator to becoming a motivator, Jacques can teach you how to do things in a step by step fashion, and perhaps, more sobering in the eyes of some how NOT to do things!

Jacques is the author of various self-help courses, including the acclaimed “How to Make a Comeback” and “Rekindling the Flame” series of seminars. He is also in the process of writing his long-awaited first book along these lines.