Isaiah Engelbrecht

Business Leader

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A mechanical engineer by profession, Isaiah has more than 20 years’ experience in the areas of quality management, programme management, business consulting, research and innovation management.  He completed his MBA in 1999 and is currently busy with his PhD in Innovation Management. In 2000 he decided to enter the Innovation space and embarked upon this career with unquestionable achievement.  He has gained experience across various industries, including Sasol, Eskom, Denel, Armscor, and the IDC.

Currently, as CEO of Innoworxx Management, his role includes the implementation of an innovation management system through the building of organisational innovation capability. He is passionate about creativity and especially collaborative innovation as he believes that significant value could be derived through effective innovation management. By creating an enabling environment for innovation , every citizen in the country can contribute towards  solving SA’s different challenges.  In other words, practically bridging the innovation chasm through real and practical, implementable solutions.

He is also a speaker of note at Innovation Conferences for example the Annual Global Innovation Summit of SA and plays a leading role in the advancement of innovation in the country as the ex-Chairman of the South African Innovation Network (SAINE). The list of companies that we have worked with on implementing an innovation management system are included in annexure B. In 2011, Isaiah Engelbrecht was elected to be secretariat of the Counsel of African Apostles (CAA) focusing on how to solve challenges on the continent, through empowering Africans

At theIDC Isaiah successfully participated in improving organisational innovation capability by a significant margin.  He was instrumental in substantial improving an innovation culture, deriving value from innovation, the innovation process, measurement, and leadership.

As a co-chairperson of the South African Innovation Network (SAINE) he is supporting an active website and online discussion, he is also fulfilling an advisory role across the national innovation system. He created links and networks across industries and disciplines to fast track and effect innovation.

At Eskomhe lucratively headed the design and execution of the company’s innovation strategy, in line with company’s objectives. Conceptualised and executed a workable model [including KPI’s] in support of efficient management of the company’s innovation initiatives as a whole.