Mr Douglas Kruger

Professional Speaker and Business Author

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When you want your organisation to thrive, when you want your brand to become iconic, when you insist on owning your industry, there is no alternative: Douglas Kruger helps you to position yourself so that the business comes to you. He is an internationally renowned speaker and business author, who is passionate about growing brands, equipping sales teams and creating thought-leaders. Douglas is the author of 3 business books, including the highly acclaimed ’Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,’ with Penguin Books. A multiple award-winning speaker, his clients include senior management and sales teams at companies like BMW, Liberty, and HP. Douglas speaks globally on how businesses and brands can compete by innovating and by positioning themselves as industry experts. He unpacks the Rules of Hamster-Thinking that hamstring corporate companies and he shows you how to develop talent. He trains top execs and sales teams in how to present more effectively and win new business.

Douglas’s thought-leadership ideas have been featured on CNBC Africa and he has written for Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Douglas Kruger is changing mindsets, creating experts, and building brands, one team at a time!


1. How to Position Yourself as an Industry Expert: 
2. The Rules of Hamster Thinking 
3. Talent – How leaders grow or crush it
4. The Big Bum Theory (Do you own the bum, or blame the jeans?)
5. Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?
6. How to Strategically Position your Bum Above the Butter
7. 8 Epiphanies Every Entrepreneur Must Have
7. Get Your Head Right in Tough Times
8. Own your industry – Get the market to come to you
9. Relentlessly Relevant! Create a culture of innovation, out-pace your competitors
10. The 10 Commandments of Effective Presenting - Win business, inspire confidence