Colin Campbell

Social Media Marketing

Key industries: Marketing

“I am passionate about Business Principles, Social Media Marketing, Internal Marketing and External Marketing. I am the owner of The Instar Group a social media marketing company that specializes in online branding and marketing and I want to show you how you can make the most of your brand.”

Colin is internationally recognized from his many appearances at global events, speaking to all levels of delegates. He has had the privilege of speaking in Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Monaco and of course, throughout South Africa. He prides himself on making connections easily and speaking at a level to suit his audiences. Being approachable and endearing makes Colin easily one of the most liked speakers in the industry today.

A great strength of Colin’s is the ability to match research in your industry with relevant examples to hammer home points and build on motivational steps to success.


Colin Campbell is a member of Faculty at IMCAS and holds the position of Teaching Course Director for IMCAS Asia Teaching Course 6 (Internet and Social Media).

Colin is the owner of a digital agency called the Instar Group.

Popular keynote topics:

  • CEO 2000: Dragging management into the digital world. A humorous look at the rise of digital marketing.
  • Changing the game: A practical and motivational lecture on innovation, creativity and competitive advantage.

Additional topics include:

  • Content Creation for better search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Internal Marketing: Internal marketing must keep the promises of your external strategy
  • How to use Social Media to influence your online status
  • Social Media: Essentials for success.