Booking a world-class speaker for your event is seamless with Synchronised Speakers.

We handle all contracts and administration, and negotiate terms on your behalf.

Routine points for negotiation include:

  • security
  • press interviews
  • additional appearances
  • photographs
  • autographs and/or book signings

Every speaker is unique and may ask for specific terms outside of what we have listed above. We will guide you on common practice and ensure that you, and the speaker, are comfortable with the final arrangements.

As you can imagine, the speakers we represent are in high demand. For one, they have busy speaking schedules, as well as other business, sport or academic commitments.

We recommend that you start enquiring about a speaker approximately 9 to 12 months before your event.

If you don’t have that long, relax!

We have often been able to negotiate the appearance of a speaker at relatively short notice. So still call us and we will contact your chosen speaker immediately.

We look forward to working with you to create an extraordinary experience for your audience.

Founder, Frank Vandenberg has over 15 years experience in staging local and international events. He’s seen the best and the worst when it comes to striking the right tone and creating a memorable experience for audiences.

If you are unsure which speaker will work for your audience and your planned event, we can provide advice and insight into a speaker’s message and technique.

Some of our clients have been blown away with positive feedback from their audience based on speakers we have recommended, and which they possibly wouldn’t have considered.